Sponsor introduction

Ms. Zhou Weiyan has been committed to the theoretical research and practice of social enterprises for many years, focusing on policy advocacy and industry promotion in children's public services and children's education-related directions.

Founding Director and Global Executive Chairman of Shenzhen One Fund in 2007;

In 2009, she cooperated with Dr. Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, to land at Grameen Bank in Abasongpan, Sichuan, China;

In 2010, she co-founded the China Public Welfare Institute with Beijing Normal University as the founding director. In the same year, the "Billion Future" project was launched to promote the development and innovation of China's child inclusive public services.

In 2011, she introduced and wrote the book "365 Ways to Change the World" by the father of British social innovation, Michael Norton. The book has been republished twice and has become the industry's representative.

In 2012, organized and published the first white paper of Chinese social enterprises, "China Social Enterprise and Social Impact Investment Development Report", and officially released it at the Boao Forum.

In 2013, she founded Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation and served as its chairman.

In 2015, she initiated the China Child Friendly Community Promotion Program and served as the director of the China Child Friendly Community Promotion Program Office and the director of the China Community Development Association Child Friendly Community Working Committee.

In 2016, she co-sponsored the "Qianmiao Project" special fund in cooperation with the China Children and Teenagers' Fund, and served as director.

In 2017, she led the release of the "2016 China Child Friendly Community Development Report" and "China Child Friendly Community Construction Standards (Opinion Draft)", co-founded the International School of Social Work with East China University of Science and Technology and initiated the establishment of Qianmiao Research Institute.

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