personnel training

In December 2017, Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation donated 20 million yuan to support East China University of science and technology to build the school of international social work and to help build a first-class discipline of sociology.

The school of international social work is jointly established by Beijing Yongzhen public welfare foundation and East China University of science and Technology School of social and public management. It aims to jointly expand school resources and build an international oriented professional platform to promote social work personnel training, social services, scientific research and international cooperation and exchange. At present, the organizational structure of the school is composed of the Council, the board of supervisors, the Council, the academic committee and the International Advisory Committee. The college is committed to comprehensively improving the academic influence, policy influence, social influence and international influence of the school's social work discipline, becoming a platform for international and domestic academic exchanges and policy advocacy of social work, and achieving important results in promoting industry development and decision-making consultation.

The tasks of the school of international social work fall into five categories:

1. In the aspect of professional personnel training, we should provide high-quality non academic education and training, set up Yongzhen social work scholarship, and set up the fund for excellent social work students to study abroad;

2. In terms of international exchange platform, we should build a high-level international academic exchange base and an international cooperation network;

3. In the aspect of high-level scientific research, the construction of social work database, publication of high-level international journal papers, and impact on major projects of NSFC;

4. In terms of the construction of first-class scientific research team, Yongzhen Scholar Award program is set up to attract first-class talents from home and abroad to join the college with special salary and pay, and focus on supporting the development of potential teachers;

5. In terms of policy advocacy network, we will build a dialogue platform and policy forum for governments, academic institutions, social work institutions, specialized think tanks and industry associations.

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