Educational equity

Qianmiao plan is a public welfare plan for education to promote education equity and cultivate outstanding talents. It is jointly sponsored by China children's foundation and Beijing Yongzhen public welfare foundation. Mr. Zeng Yong, director of Beijing Yongzhen public welfare foundation, personally donated 10 million yuan.

With children and adolescents as the training object, Chinese excellent traditional culture as the foundation, scientific learning methods as the core, morality as the basic task, the thousand seedlings program serves the national talent strategy, promotes the talent cultivation concept of "Chinese heart + learning ability", injects Chinese excellent traditional culture gene into children, uses scientific methods to improve children's learning ability and cultivate them With patriotism, responsibility, dedication, enterprising and other series of excellent moral quality talents and successors in the new era.

Vision of qianmiao plan: to promote quality education equity with the help of science and technology

Mission of qianmiao project: to give every child a chance to excel


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