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I. Billion Future

"Billion Future" is a social innovation public service brand incubated by the Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation, which represents the earliest community-based inclusive pre-school parent-child service public service platform in China.

"Billion Future" aims to promote harmonious "child-family-community" relations to develop community infant development and family support services. With the support of the foundation, it seeks and incubates like-minded partners across the country to jointly promote this public welfare category service capability Promotion.

Second, the future of billions

In October 2013, the nation's first "Emilion Community Children's Sports Hall" project officially landed in Nanjing

In January 2014, Beijing's first "Emilion Community Children's Sports Hall" project was launched in Changping

In July 2014, the standard operation mode of E-Future 1.0-"E-Future Community Children's Sports Hall" was officially confirmed and expanded nationwide

In September 2014, Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation donated 1 million to establish the China Children and Teenagers' Fund billion future special fund

In November 2014, registered for Beijing Emirate Social Worker Development Center, focusing on community practical social worker skills training

In December 2014, won the Outstanding Contribution Award of the 2014 China Children's Charity Award

May 2015, won the "Community Contribution Award" of China Community Development Association

In September 2015, the Emerald Community Children's Sports Center project landed in Tiancun Street, Beijing, and tried a community governance model centered on children's families.

In December 2015, the "Emilion Community Children's Sports Hall" project was launched in 23 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Dalian, Changchun, and Shenzhen.

In January 2016, the billion future standardized operation model 2.0- "100 million future rainforest plan" project was officially confirmed to support more social organizations, and create a smart sharing, resource sharing, open source collaboration, and innovative ecological cooperation approach

In March 2016, the 2016 "Million Future Mom S Plan" project was recruited to cultivate full-time moms in the community and incubate the community to self-organize

In November 2016, the offline meeting of the "Billion Future Rainforest Plan" project was held in Beijing

In December 2016, the "Billion Future Rainforest Plan" project established cooperative relations with 110 social organizations

In April 2017, the "Billion Future Rainforest Plan" project was selected as the 2017 China Child Friendly Community Inclusive Model Project

In April 2017, representatives of the social organizations of the "Billion Future Rainforest Plan" project participated in the drafting of the "China Child Friendly Community Service Guide"

In July 2017, the project of "Emilion Standardization Operation Model 3.0-" Emilion Community Parent-Child Center "was officially confirmed.

In September 2017, the "Future Community Parent-Child Center" project officially landed in the demonstration site of China's child-friendly community promotion plan in Shanghai Meilong Town

In October 2017, the Beijing Emirec Social Work Development Center raised 500,000 and established the Beijing Evergreen Charity Foundation Emirec Special Fund

In January 2018, the billionaire special fund funded more than 30 social organizations and landed in 84 "billionaire community parent-child centers"

Third, billion future special fund

In October 2017, the Beijing Everbright Social Work Development Center and the Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation jointly launched the "Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation billion future special fund", which aims to focus on 0-6, especially 0-3 community parent education, Standardized operation management system, service system, content system, family education community service system with infant and toddler sports and reading habits as the starting point.

In 2018, we plan to fund 100 social service institutions to establish 200-500 billion future community parent-child centers in the community to provide inclusive services for infants and young children in the community.

Billion future special fund public agreement:

What is the parent-child center of billion future community

Billion Futures Community Parent-Child Center is a special project launched by Billion Futures in 2018. Through Billion Future's special funding, training and model output for social service organizations, a large number of Billion Future community parent-child centers will be established in the community, letting 0-6 Infants (aged 0-3 years old) can enjoy non-profit parent-child services in the community. Through normalized services, create an interactive environment, develop good reading and exercise habits, and keep children and families healthy, Happy, scientific growth.

Service object:

All 0-6 year old (especially 0-3 year old) family members in the community

Service philosophy:

Practice family games in Yimifu and return to home with effective parent-child companionship

Service form:

Guided family parent-child games, mutual assistance parent management

Service Content:

Provide a safe and convenient environment, free and useful teaching aids and books, so that children and caregivers aged 0-3 in the community can happily play, communicate and learn scientific parenting knowledge

Carry out organized parent-child games and parent-child reading activities, encourage and guide parents to carry out activities in the family, and promote the harmonious development of parent-child relationships;

Organize expert lectures, disseminate scientific parenting knowledge and ideas, and improve family parenting skills;

Educate parents and schools around the community about child rights and child protection;

Build a platform for community building and communication to promote community harmony.

Family Harvest:

Use a variety of children's sensory sports equipment to let children release as much as possible;

The instructor guides you to play sports with your child;

There are classic picture books from all over the world to read in the museum;

The instructor guides and recommends books for you and your child;

Listen and tell stories with other parents

Participate in a variety of parent-child game activities;

You can share good games, books, and parenting experiences with others!

Children and parents get to know more friends and gain friendship and support.


Recruitment of 2018 billion future special fund projects:

The full name of "Emerald Community Children's Sports Hall" is "Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation's billion future community children's sports hall project". The social service agency and the government cooperated in a tripartite effort to build a billion children's sports hall in the community.

As of the end of 2016, the Yiming Community Children's Sports Center covers 28 cities, serving 68 communities, serving a total of 34,000 infant families, bringing 250 parent-child activities to each community each year, and each Yiming Community Children's Sports Center Each year, the number of service people reaches 12,000, and nearly 300 full-time moms in the community participate in the community self-organization incubation plan.

In 2018, project tracking and evaluation will be conducted for the existing billion future community children's sports hall. Excellent projects will be upgraded and a new round of support and cooperation.

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