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We are committed to serving the future of hundreds of millions of Chinese families. "Yi" = you + sound + heart, which means that everyone can listen to the most real voice of the heart and return to the most essential original heart.

1、 Billion future

"Billion future" is a social innovation public service brand incubated by Yongzhen public welfare foundation, which represents the earliest public service platform for preschool parent-child service in China.

"Billion future" aims to promote the harmonious "children family community" relationship to carry out community infant development and family support services. With the support of the foundation, it seeks and incubates like-minded partners from all over the country to jointly promote the improvement of the service capacity of the public welfare category.

2、 Billion future course

In October 2013, the first "billion future community children's sports hall" project was officially launched in Nanjing

In January 2014, the first "billion future community children's sports hall" project in Beijing was launched in Changping

In July 2014, yifutui standardized operation mode 1.0 - "yifutui community children's sports hall" was officially confirmed and expanded nationwide

In September 2014, Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation donated 1 million yuan to establish China children's foundation billion future special fund

In November 2014, Beijing yifuther social workers development center was registered to focus on the skills training of community practical social workers

In December 2014, won outstanding contribution award of 2014 China children's Charity Award

In May 2015, won the "community contribution award" of China Community Development Association

In September 2015, yifutui community children's Sports Center Project landed in Tiancun street, Beijing, trying to take children's families as the core of community governance model

In December 2015, the project of "billion future community children's Sports Center" was launched in 23 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Dalian, Changchun, Shenzhen, etc

In January 2016, the project of yifutui standardized operation mode 2.0 - "yifutui rainforest plan" was officially confirmed to support more social organizations, create a cooperation mode of wisdom sharing, resource sharing, open-source collaboration and innovative ecology

In March 2016, the 2016 "future mother s plan" project recruited, nurtured community full-time mothers, and incubated community self-organization

In November 2016, the offline meeting of "hundred million future rainforest project" was held in Beijing

In December 2016, the "hundred million future rainforest project" established cooperation with 110 social organizations

In April 2017, the project of "hundred million future rainforest plan" was selected into 2017 China Children Friendly Community inclusive model project

In April 2017, representatives of social organizations of the project participated in the drafting and formulation of "China Children Friendly Community Service Guide"

In July 2017, the project of "yifutui standardized operation mode 30 -" yifutui community parent child center "was officially confirmed

In September 2017, the "yifutui community parent child center" project was officially implemented in Meilong Town, Shanghai, the demonstration site of China Children Friendly community promotion plan

In October 2017, Beijing billion future social work development center raised 500000 yuan to establish Beijing Yongzhen public welfare foundation billion future special fund

In January 2018, over 30 social organizations were funded by yifutu special fund, and 84 "yifutu community parent-child centers" were established

3、 Billion future special fund

In October 2017, Beijing billion future social work development center and Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation jointly launched the "Beijing Yongzhen public welfare foundation billion future special fund", which aims to focus on 0-6, especially 0-3 community parent education, provide standardized operation management system, service system, content system, and family education community service system starting from infant movement and reading habits.

In 2018, it is planned to fund 100 social service institutions, establish 20-50 billion future community parent-child centers in the community, and provide inclusive services for community infant families.

Billion future special fund disclosure agreement:

4、 What is the parent-child center of yifutui community

Billion future community parent-child center is a funding project of billion future project in 2018. Through the support, training and mode output of billion future project to social service institutions, a large number of billion future community parent-child centers will be established in the community, so that 0-6-year-old (especially 0-3-year-old) infant families can enjoy public welfare parent-child services in the community, and through the normalization of services, fight Create an interactive environment, develop good reading and sports habits, and let children and families grow up healthily, happily and scientifically.

Service object:

All 0-6-year-old (especially 0-3-year-old) infant family members in the community

Service concept:

To practice family games in billion future, and effectively accompany parents and children at home

Service form:

Guided family parent-child game, mutual parent participation management

Service content:

Provide safe and convenient environment, free and beneficial play teaching aids and books, so that children and carers aged 0-3 in the community can play, exchange and learn scientific knowledge of child care happily;

Organize parent-child games and parent-child reading activities, encourage and guide parents to carry out activities in the family, and promote the harmonious development of parent-child relationship;

Organize expert lectures, spread scientific knowledge and ideas of parenting, and improve family parenting ability;

To promote the knowledge of children's rights and child protection to parents and schools around the community;

Build a platform for community construction and communication, and promote community harmony.

Family gains:

Use a variety of children's emotional sports equipment, let children enjoy the release;

Refers to the tutor to guide you and your child to play sports games together;

There are classic picture books from all over the world that can be read in the library;

Refer to the books that the tutor guides and recommends for you and your children;

Listen to and tell stories with other parents and children;

Participate in a variety of parent-child game activities;

Can share good games, good books and good parenting experience with others!

Children and parents know more friends and gain friendship and support.

Recruitment of 2018 billion future special fund projects:

The full name of "billion future community children's sports hall" is "billion future community children's sports hall project of Beijing Yongzhen public welfare foundation". It is a project launched by Beijing Yongzhen public welfare foundation from 2013 to 2016. Through the tripartite cooperation of Beijing Yongzhen public welfare foundation, social service agencies and the government, a new billion future community children's sports hall will be built in the community.

By the end of 2016, yifutui community children's Sports Center has covered 28 cities, served 68 communities, and served 34000 infant families in total. It brings 250 parent-child activities to each community every year. Every yifutui community children's Sports Center has served 12000 people every year, and nearly 300 full-time community mothers have participated in the community self-organizing incubation plan.

In 2018, project tracking and evaluation will be carried out for the existing billion future community children's sports hall, and excellent projects will be upgraded and a new round of support and cooperation will be carried out.

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