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Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation is on the TOP30 "China Charity Credit List"

September 03, 2018

The Measures for the Disclosure of Information on Charitable Organizations by the Ministry of Civil Affairs came into effect on September 1, and charities officially entered the credit era. On September 3, Tsinghua University Charity Research Institute and Beijing Yishan Credit Management Co., Ltd. jointly released the "2018 China Charity Credit List", and selected 60 "fundraising" charities from more than 4,000 charities across the country, Beijing. Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation is listed on the top 30 of the private fundraising charity.

The Charity Institute of Tsinghua University uses more than 4,000 charitable organizations for social fundraising published on the "Charity China" website of the Ministry of Civil Affairs as a sample, and comprehensively analyzes each sample from 2015 to 2017. The public data on the Internet media platform and the China-Based Transparency Index platform have established charitable organization credit evaluation models from the five dimensions of information disclosure, financial and team capabilities, partner background, cooperation risk, brand awareness and reputation. In the end, 60 "fundraising" charities were on the list, including 30 private fundraising charities and 30 public fundraising charities. Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation is listed in the TOP30, a private fundraising charity.

Professor Deng Guosheng, Deputy Dean of the Charity Institute of Tsinghua University, presents the certificate and trophy to Li Xinmin, Secretary General of Beijing Yongzhen Charity Foundation

It is reported that the list is planned to be released around September 5th, China Charity Day. It is hoped that this can more effectively eliminate the information barriers and credit barriers between different charitable organizations, and between charitable organizations and corporate donors, and promote the cooperation and implementation of more public welfare activities. "Let more charitable resources from donors be transparently and effectively allocated to charitable organizations with the greatest ability to bring social value." This is the core goal of this list and the future trend of China's philanthropy.

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