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Secretary-General Li Xinmin leads a team to Luanping to carry out an empirical investigation on "Child-Friendly Community Construction Standards (Draft)"

September 17, 2018

In order to implement the "Opinions on Strengthening and Improving the Governance of Urban and Rural Communities" of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and strive to build urban and rural communities into harmonious and orderly, green civilization, innovative and inclusive, and build a shared happy homeland, China Community Development Association promotes "child-friendly "Community building standards" as an opportunity, based on the principles of "common consultation, co-governance, co-construction, and sharing", September 9-10, by the Executive Director of the Child-Friendly Community Work Committee of China Community Development Association, Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation A working group led by Secretary-General Li Xinmin and a team of 8 people went to Chiping County, Hebei Province to conduct an empirical investigation of the "Child-Friendly Community Construction Standards (Draft)", and expedite the standard-setting process through inspections, consultations, and the establishment of experimental bases.

The working group successively went to the third kindergarten in Chiping County, Wudaoyingzi Manchu Township Central Primary School, and Wudaoyingzi Manchu Township Ethnic Kindergarten to conduct field investigations, listen to the introduction of the school by the kindergarten and school leaders, and implement children. The concept of friendship, and conducted in-depth exchanges with the "Child-Friendly Community Construction Standards (Draft)".

The working group inspected the third kindergarten in Chiping County

During the investigation, the China Community Development Association Child-Friendly Community Working Committee and Wudaoyingzi Manchu Township Government of Chiping County jointly held an action symposium on "Chinese Child-Friendly Community Construction Standard Experimental Base and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Cooperation for the Future Rural Rejuvenation". At the forum, Zhang Yi, director of the Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation's child-friendly community project, briefly explained the "Child-Friendly Construction Standards (Draft)" and solicited opinions through questionnaires. Wang Jiuhu, secretary of the Wudaoyingzi Township Party Committee, and Gao Guangpeng, township chief, attended the symposium. At the meeting, the Child-Friendly Community Working Committee issued a plaque to the "China Child-Friendly Community Construction Standard Experimental Base" for Wudaoyingzi Manzu Township. This is the second experimental base established by the Child-Friendly Community Working Committee in China after Haining, Zhejiang.

Li Xinmin, Secretary General of Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation, awarded a medal to Wang Jiuhu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wudaoyingzi Township, Chiping County

The "Child-Friendly Community Construction Standards" is the first group standard established by the China Community Development Association. The Child-Friendly Community Working Committee of the China Community Development Association is the main editor. At present, the "Child-Friendly Community Construction Standards" (draft) have been published, and opinions are being collected from multiple parties for timely release.

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