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"Child-Friendly Community Construction Standard" Expert Demonstration Meeting Held in Beijing

October 19, 2018

On October 19th, an expert argumentation meeting on "Child-Friendly Community Construction Standards" (hereinafter referred to as "Standards") was successfully held at the Office of China's Child-Friendly Community Promotion Program, from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, All-China Women's Federation, China Community Development Association, Tsinghua University, Chinese Youth Thirteen leaders and experts from the political institutions, East China University of Science and Technology, China Children's Center, Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation, government agencies, universities and social organizations attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Li Xinmin, Secretary General of Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation.

China Community Development Association President Mi Youlu said in a speech that "Child-Friendly Community Construction Standards" are the first group standards in 2018 that were reported by the China Community Development Association to the National Standards Commission for approval. It is also China's first concern. Industry standards for child-friendly construction, and the development of "Child-Friendly Community Construction Standards" is of great significance for improving the level of child-friendly community construction in the country and creating child-friendly cities. Children are the future of the country, and focusing on child-friendliness is about the future of the country. The China Community Development Association will promote the launch of the Standards as soon as possible to seek more benefits for children's development.

Ni Chunxia, deputy director of the Department of Social Affairs of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, pointed out in the speech that children's work is a work that the Ministry of Civil Affairs has always been paying close attention to. The community is the last mile of the scene of children's lives. The implementation of child protection and child welfare policies will eventually come to an end. In the community, it is very meaningful to formulate the "Child-Friendly Community Construction Standards", and it is also an inevitable requirement to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on "bringing up and growing up" and establishing a "co-construction, co-governance and sharing" community governance pattern.

Zhou Weiyan, director of the China Child Friendly Community Promotion Program Office and director of the Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation, stated in his speech that the development of the "Child Friendly Community Construction Standards" is to further guide and standardize the construction of child friendly communities and ensure children's right to survival, development and participation. The need for rights and protection to be guaranteed in the community. At this time, holding an expert demonstration is a further in-depth study of child-friendly communities in order to provide scientific guidance for the construction of child-friendly communities.

The expert group discussed and commented on the Standard after hearing the drafting background and drafting instructions of the Standard for the Construction of Standards for Children-Friendly Communities (Draft), Fan Bin, a professor at the School of International Social Work, East China University of Science and Technology. . Experts highly appraised and fully affirmed the drafting of the Standard, and put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions for further improving the standard. Li Xintao, deputy secretary general of China Community Development Association, made a concluding speech. After careful discussion and review, the experts at the meeting unanimously approved the review of the Standards. It is recommended to further modify and improve according to the opinions of the review meeting, and then submit it for approval according to the procedures.

The "Child-Friendly Community Construction Standard" (draft) was proposed by the China Community Development Association, the China Child-Friendly Community Promotion Program Office, Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation, and the School of International Social Work of East China University of Science and Technology, and Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation and East China University of Science and Technology The University's School of International Social Work mainly drafts the child social work professional committee of the China Social Work Education Association. It also participated in the drafting of the Standard. After the first draft of the Standard (draft) was completed, several rounds of surveys were conducted in the nationwide child-friendly demonstration community, and opinions were sought from all parties. On this basis, the writing team analyzed the survey results in depth, and modified them based on opinions to form the "Child-Friendly Community Construction Standards (Draft)".

Experts who appeared at the meeting were Wang Aiping, the former director of the Policy Research Center of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Zhang Junxiu, the Urban Community Construction Division of the Grassroots Government and Community Construction Department of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Zhang Liming, former head of the All-China Women's Federation, He Xuesong, Dean of the School of International Social Work, East China University of Science and Technology, and Chinese Youth He Ling, associate professor of the Department of Youth Work of the School of Political Science, Qu Wei, deputy director of the Center for Continuing Education, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University, Zeng Yong, deputy group leader of the Qian Miao Fund, State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neurology and Learning, Beijing Normal University, and director of the Ministry of Education, China Children's Center Zhu Xiaoyu and others.

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