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The Second Session of the 2nd Board of Beijing Yongzhen Charity Foundation Held in Beijing

November 15, 2018

On November 14, the second session of the second board of the Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation was held in Beijing. Foundation directors and supervisors attended the meeting, and more than two-thirds of the attendees were in compliance with the foundation's constitution. The meeting was chaired by Zhu Qiuxia, Secretary General of Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation.

As the first formal council after the re-election, Chairman Zhou Weiyan first introduced the foundation's public welfare journey in the past eight years to the directors, from the launch of the Yifu community parent-child charity alliance to promote family parent-child education to the promotion of China's child-friendly community promotion plan Issue industry standards to regulate child-friendly education in the community, and then launch the Qianmiao Plan to promote the inclusiveness of children's education. Eight years of history, wind and rain, blue sky. The directors spoke highly of the foundation's work over the past eight years.

Chairman Zhou Weiyan reported on the recent major work to the council, and made a detailed introduction to the “Qianmiao Plan Community School” public welfare project to be vigorously promoted. The Qianmiao Plan Community School is an important part of the Qianmiao Plan to provide inclusive high-quality education resources. It is a platform for children-based family education, home education, home-school cooperation, and community education. It unites parents, social workers, and uses Internet information technology to provide inclusive high-quality "learning power + Chinese heart" education resources, to build a non-walled public welfare school, so that each child and family can enjoy more convenient and efficient To inclusive high-quality educational resources, improve children's learning ability and comprehensive literacy, achieve scientific burden reduction, so that every child has the opportunity to become talented.

The directors highly appreciate the use of public welfare to influence and change the over-commercialized education market and promote the achievement of high-quality and fair educational inclusive goals. The financial and legal affairs that may be faced by non-profit organizations and commercial brand companies for charitable donations, etc. The risks were fully discussed. At the scene, the directors made professional analysis and suggestions on project implementation and risk control from professional perspectives such as lawyers and accountants.

Secretary-General Zhu Qiuxia reported to the Board on the main work planned by the Foundation in 2019, and proposed that three major goals should be achieved in 2019: First, promote the "China Child Friendly Community Construction Standards" from group standards to ministerial standards and establish 10 national demonstration community sites and published an industry blue book; the second is that the “Qianmiao Plan Community School” public welfare project should cover 1,000 communities, 1000 kindergartens / schools, and train 10,000 Qianmiao volunteer lecturers, benefiting 1.2 million Community families, allowing 500,000 left-behind children to benefit from online courses; the third is to build and forge a fighting public welfare team.

At the meeting, all directors unanimously decided that, in order to avoid public doubt, a third-party regulatory and evaluation institution with credibility will be invited to participate in all projects of the Evergrande Foundation, supervising from two dimensions of project implementation and finance, so as to make the project clear Financial transparency.

Chairman Zhou Weiyan finally said: "For eight years, we have always taken morality as the bottom line and the law as the criterion. We hope to find an innovative social welfare path to benefit the society. This is our original intention and our culture. As long as we always adhere to the goals and principles of public welfare, do not forget our original intentions, and move forward, I firmly believe that we will eventually reach the end of victory. "

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